Top Security Company, SAS Security Services!

As and established security company of more than 16 years!

We at SAS Security Services pride ourselves on service, training excellence, professionalism and bettering  the expectations of our clients. For any security company to be awarded an ACSA contract is no mean feat, the screening process that goes with it is intense, to say the least.

This is the cornerstone of any security company and the measure of  success  in this regard is manifested by the number of blue chip enterprises counted amongst our client list.

security servicesDo ask your security company who they can count amongst their clients, this list will speak volumes and remember that in this instance the cheapest is definitely not a consideration on which you should base a decision.

We also believe as a security company that, when an officer is trained properly and routinely, the officer will perform his function effectively and efficiently.

We develop our services in response to clients’ changing needs, and commit our company to meeting those requirements with a steadfast attitude that the client is always right. Especially in recent years with the escalation in more serious crime, a security company needs to be more vigilant than ever.

Your wits are constantly measured against that of very determined criminals who, in many cases, are sophisticated and well equipped for the crime at hand.

Targets are picked because of the potential value the criminal perceives it to have and a ready market for stolen goods makes this just another payday for most criminals. You need experience and security companies with experience to outsmart them, both of which we have ample of.

The SAS Security Guards  division operates throughout the Western Cape in various branches. The SAS Group creates a powerful driving force behind the development of our security industry, constantly anticipating the future changing client needs in a highly competitive business climate.

Building on our success with an impressive number of blue chip clients, we plan to extend our market leadership in the rapidly evolving international security industry. This requires  a talented, competent and totally committed workforce, which we are proud to say we have.

We firmly believe that our many years of experience in this industry has equipped us to be one step ahead of possible criminal activity and this results in major savings for our clients.

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