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The Best Security Companies in Cape Town Safeguard Your Peace of Mind as well as your Property

When it comes to security, Cape Town residents and businesses understand the critical importance of reliable protection. Whether you’re safeguarding your home, office, or commercial property, choosing the right security company can make all the difference. 

We’ve selected our 10 best security companies in Cape Town (in no particular order), evaluating their services, reliability, and commitment to keeping you safe. From armed response to cutting-edge surveillance systems, these companies have proven their mettle in the bustling city of Cape Town.

10 best security companies in Cape Town - vigilant security guard patrolling a commercial building

The evaluation and ranking of the 10 best security companies in Cape Town were based on several key factors, ensuring a comprehensive and informed assessment. Here’s how we arrived at these rankings:

  1. Service Offerings and Specialisations:
    • We thoroughly examined the range of services each company provides. This includes armed response, alarm systems, surveillance, access control, and more. Companies with diverse offerings and specialised expertise received higher scores.
  2. Reliability and Response Time:
    • We considered the reliability of each company’s services. How quickly do they respond to emergencies? Are their systems robust and dependable? Companies with swift response times and consistent performance ranked higher.
  3. Customer Reviews and Reputation:
    • We scoured customer reviews, testimonials, and online feedback. Positive experiences, client satisfaction, and a solid reputation contributed significantly to a company’s ranking.
  4. Industry Experience and Track Record:
    • Longevity matters. We assessed the number of years each company has been in operation. Established companies with a proven track record demonstrated their ability to adapt and thrive in the security industry.
  5. Quality of Technology and Equipment:
    • Cutting-edge technology is crucial for effective security. We evaluated the quality of surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and other equipment used by each company. Those investing in advanced tech scored higher.
  6. Certifications and Compliance:
    • Companies adhering to industry standards and possessing relevant certifications (such as PSIRA) gained points. Compliance with legal requirements ensures professionalism and reliability.
  7. Client Base and References:
    • We considered the diversity and size of each company’s client base. Referrals from existing clients and references from businesses and homeowners played a role in the rankings.
  8. Cost-Effectiveness:
    • While quality matters, affordability is essential. We assessed the cost of services relative to the value provided. Companies offering competitive pricing without compromising quality received favourable rankings.
  9. Innovation and Adaptability:
    • The security landscape evolves rapidly. Companies embracing innovation, staying updated with trends, and adapting to new challenges ranked higher.
  10. Local Knowledge and Community Involvement:
    • Understanding Cape Town’s unique security needs and actively participating in community safety initiatives mattered. Companies engaged in local outreach and community support received recognition.


Remember, these rankings are dynamic, and each company’s performance may change over time. We encourage you to explore further, request quotes, and make informed decisions based on your specific requirements.

SAS Security Services: A Legacy of Protection

SAS Security Services has stood as a beacon of safety in Cape Town for over 17 years. As a fully registered security company, they are committed to safeguarding people, property, and communities across South Africa. Their unwavering dedication to excellence and their ability to make a real difference have earned them a place among the city’s top security providers.


At SAS Security Services, we understand that security needs vary. That’s why we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique requirements of Cape Town residents and businesses:

  1. Residential Estates: Your peace of mind matters. SAS Security ensures the comfort and security of homeowners and their visitors. From alarm systems to vigilant guards, they’ve got you covered.
  2. Commercial Cleaning: As an ideal add-on service, SAS Security also provides commercial and industrial cleaning. Because a clean environment is part of a secure one.
  3. Shopping Centres: With bustling crowds and valuable stock, shopping centres demand top-notch security. SAS Security’s expert solutions keep businesses and shoppers safe.
  4. Construction Sites: Managing construction sites involves significant assets and personnel. SAS Security assists site managers in protecting these valuable resources.

Quality Assurance and Professionalism

SAS Security Services brings extensive industry experience to the table. We’ve meticulously addressed the pitfalls of traditional security companies, introducing effective quality policies, procedures, and strategies. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Professionally Trained Security Officers: SAS Security’s personnel undergo rigorous assessments and continuous training. Their clear criminal records and commitment to excellence ensure reliable service.
  • Site Evaluation: Recognizing that each site is unique, SAS Security evaluates new locations thoroughly. Only experienced personnel are assigned, trained to meet specific site requirements.
  • Integrity and Trust: Built on the principles of integrity, trust, quality management, and service delivery, SAS Security Services prioritises your safety.

ADT Cape Town

ADT Cape Town stands as a cornerstone in home security. With a hands-on and immediate response service, ADT ensures that incidents are addressed promptly, 24/7. ADT offers a comprehensive range of services, including alarm systems, armed response, and CCTV surveillance. Their commitment to excellence makes them a trusted choice for Cape Town residents, ensuring them a spot in the top 10 best security companies in Cape Town.

BH Security

BH Security operates in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, specialising in dynamic armed response services. As authorised dealers for high-quality security products, BH Security delivers top-notch solutions to both residential and business clients. Their “No Contract” policy ensures high standards and quality services, making them a reliable choice for those serious about effective security.

Byers Security Solutions

With 30 years of experience, Byers Security Solutions has been a stalwart in Cape Town. Their dedication to assisting clients with various security needs has earned them a solid reputation. From guarding services to cutting-edge monitoring solutions, Byers Security Solutions ensures that your safety is their priority.

Zonewatch Security

Zonewatch offers a comprehensive suite of security services tailored to Cape Town’s unique needs. From access control to state-of-the-art security systems, they combine technology and expertise to keep you protected. Their commitment to innovation and reliability sets them apart, securing them a spot on our list of the 10 best security companies in Cape Town

Deep Blue Security

Deep Blue Security understands that security is not one-size-fits-all. They provide customised solutions, including armed response, surveillance, and access control. Their proactive approach ensures that potential threats are detected and addressed swiftly, which is why we’ve included them in our 10 best security companies in Cape Town.

Mountain Men Security

Mountain Men Security combines rugged reliability with modern technology. Their services include guarding, alarm systems, and rapid response. Whether you’re in the heart of Cape Town or its outskirts, Mountain Men Security has you covered.

Pro-Sec Technologies

Pro-Sec Technologies specialises in cutting-edge security solutions. From biometric access control to perimeter protection, they stay ahead of the curve. Their commitment to staying at the forefront of technology ensures your safety.

National Security and Fire

National Security offers a holistic approach to security. Their services range from guarding to advanced surveillance. With a focus on professionalism and reliability, they’ve earned their place among the 10 best security companies in Cape Town.

Zone Security

Zone Security provides tailored security solutions for homes and businesses. Their expertise lies in creating customised packages that meet your specific needs. Trust Zone Security to keep your property secure.

10 best security companies in Cape Town - bustling Cape Town street, showcasing security personnel on duty

Choosing the right security company is an investment in your safety. Whether you’re looking for armed guards to protect your building or advanced surveillance systems, these 10 best security companies in Cape Town have you covered. Get a free security quote today and take the first step toward a secure and protected future. Remember, safety is not a luxury—it’s a necessity.