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Company security of both staff and customers is a tricky area filled with explosive, damaging scenarios.

Identity theft has now become more prevalent than ever with 15 million individuals being victimized every year.

Identity theft or fraud occurs when someone assumes a person’s identity, stealing his personal information such as social security number, credit card details, and other personal information.

Companies are not safe from identity theft.

Financial institutions, multi-national companies, and even government offices employees and clients are also victims especially when their system is hacked.

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To stop identity theft and protect your company, it is essential that one should implement several security steps to ensure that identity theft is prevented.

Be Vigilant About Your Company Security

Employees get used to keys to open up their offices. Although only a few people may have access to it, falling into the wrong hands would definitely compromise your company’s security and can be costly as locks would need to be replaced and new keys to be issued.

This is not the case when it comes to smart cards Company Security is at risk. Smart cards look like your regular debit cards (atm cards). Some may have a microchip on them, while others would simply tap it.

One advantage of using these cards is the fact that they can be disabled when lost.

Employees can simply report that they lost their card and a new one is issued rendering the old one useless since one card can be programmed for one individual only.

Another benefit is that it can be programmed to allow access to certain areas only.

That way, only authorized individuals are allowed to enter restricted areas which ensure that any proprietary or sensitive materials are safe from prying eyes.

Restriction can also extend to having access to the offices after working hours.

Aside from smart cards, one can also customized ID badges to incorporate the employee’s information including photos and other personal information.

This would help the company easily maintain records of their employees. Some cards would also need biometrics so fingerprints can also be used to access other areas of the company.

Company Security Should Be EveryOne’s Responsibility…

Many employees and companies do not realize how easy it is for criminals to commit identity theft.

Although safeguards are in place (blocking of malware and IT support) there are other ways that these criminals can obtain personal information.

As the internet and the world become more globally connected, the risk of a breach has also become more sophisticated.

That said, following some of the commendations above would help you protect and safeguard your company from unwanted crimes.

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SAS Security services