SAS Security Services

How To Keep Your Customers And Your Assets Safe

As a business owner, one of your greatest challenges is likely avoiding problems like vandalism and theft.

This is especially true if you happen to operate in a region with a lot of loiterers. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to protect your property, your assets and your clientele.

Start by installing flood lights in all areas that are not suitably lit during the evening hours. Most criminal activity occurs in areas that are not properly illuminated. Not only will these additions deter people from vandalizing your property, but they will also prevent loiterers from congregating in areas near your building. This can make the area feel safer and more inviting to your guests, whether these include clients, prospective clients or stakeholders.

Consider the benefits of having a live security guard on site. This individual can walk the grounds at regular intervals and can identify and report any suspicious activity right away. The presence of live guards also deter people from targeting properties for criminal activity.

If you cannot afford to have a guard on site at all times, you may want to use these services when foot traffic is at its highest or during the night hours when the area is darkest.

Install close captioned security cameras across the premises that monitor all on site activity. This equipment serves a number of functional purposes. When people see your cameras, they will be less likely to target your property for theft. Moreover, these systems can capture any acceptable actions that are occurring in-house. Sadly, many incidents of company theft are often inside jobs.

Thus, not only can you keep a better eye on the general public, but you can hold your employees accountable for their actions as well.

Another benefit of having a camera system is the ability to prosecute criminals in the event that theft or vandalism do occur. You can turn the footage that these collect over to local law enforcement professionals who can in turn use them to pursue criminals. This footage can significantly increase the likelihood of you having your property returned.

Have security fencing installed all around the property. This creates a functional, physical boundary that is difficult for unauthorized outside parties to overcome. You can give your fencing a single access point and can post a live guard at this entry.

This way, when people want to enter or leave the property, they must first sign in or sign out, thereby creating written records of their identity and their whereabouts.