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What makes a good Security Company?

Many people are asking the question “What makes a good security company?” This question will vary depending on what industry they are in and the services they provide.

SAS Security Services, a Cape Town security company that provides security guards to protect property and people, is SAS Security Services. We are here to make you feel secure and safe.

It is important to choose the right security provider that will work for your business. It is not worth it to choose a security provider you don’t feel comfortable with. What should you look out for when selecting a security provider

You may be familiar with the qualities that are best for security contractors if you have hired one before. This list will help you find the right security service provider for your company.

What Qualities Does a Good Security Service Provider Need?


A shady company is not something you want to do, especially when it comes to security. You can trust a security company to protect your cash and valuable items and keep your keys and passcodes safe.

You can verify a few things to determine if a security firm is legitimate and if they are complying with local laws.


Before a security company, or security officer can provide services to clients, they must have a security license. One requires thorough checks of the background, criminal history and identity of the company to secure one.


These certifications show that the company adheres to international standards and follows the industry’s recommended management and operating systems. These include ISO certifications for Quality Management or Environmental Management.


Your business is more likely to receive the same level of service if you have years of experience providing security services. This can be accompanied with positive reviews and feedback from former clients. What is the company’s relationship to their clients? Are they able to provide references that can attest their reliability and performance. Are they able to provide security solutions for your business?

Invested with their team

Security providers’ operations are supported by a team of security professionals. The company’s appreciation for its employees is a reflection of its commitment to providing high-quality service to clients. What investment does the company make in its employees’ professional development? What type of training does the company offer? Is their staff adequately compensated according to industry standards? Your security officers’ job satisfaction will show in the quality of their services.


Trust between the security provider (and the client) is built by maintaining transparency in agreements and negotiations. Every provision should be clearly defined from the start of the engagement. Contracts should also be formalized. These provisions could include:

  • Both the client and the security provider share responsibility

  • A process to resolve disputes

  • Conditions for reviewing, extending, and terminating the contract

Transparency means that clients receive regular security updates, which could include patrol status and incident reports. Many security companies use guard verification systems to record data and track their security officers’ locations, as well as provide comprehensive reports to clients.


Changes in businesses can also lead to security issues. These changes can cause security companies to adjust their services if necessary.


One-size-fits all approach to security solutions is not the best because every business is unique. Your security provider should be able work with you to identify your security needs in relation to your business goals, and to design a security plan specifically tailored to your business.


A company with expertise in their field is the best choice. A company that can back up their claims with a solid track record. It has a team of experienced consultants to provide guidance and direction. It keeps up to date with all the latest security industry innovations and developments.


A relationship with a security provider can last for many years. Your business will need to change protocols and security officers. This requires careful turn-over processes and orientation. You may lose time, resources, and effort by switching security providers. It is a good idea to partner with a company capable of providing long-term services and supporting your business through its growth and challenges.


It is obvious that a security company that understands your industry and your business will be a better match. To really get to know a specific industry, it takes passion and genuine concern. It is even more important to have the skills and knowledge to address security risks and needs in a specific industry. Is the company familiar with your industry? How many times has the company worked with similar businesses to yours? Are they up-to-date with industry news and trends

There is no one perfect security service provider. As with any partnership, a relationship with a security company will strengthen and improve over time. The checklist is a guideline for how equipped a security company can be to provide the best service possible for your business.

Security Companies: How they are disrupting the security industry

Security companies do more than protect people from outside threats. They also provide protection against internal threats.

Security companies can assist their clients with incredible use cases such as:

  • Protection of employees against work-related hazards, including sexual harassment claims and discrimination claims

  • Management of physical security risks, such as theft and vandalism, as well employee safety

Security guards are an integral part of the security system. They are responsible for protecting and safeguarding company assets. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of people and property. These five incredible use cases show how security guards can help the company.

  1. Security 24 hours a day

  2. Access control management

  3. Assistance with investigations

  4. Maintaining order in a stressful situation

  5. Preventing crime

security company, security provider, security company
security company, security provider, security company

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Fundamentals of Physical Security

The Importance of Physical Security

Any residential, commercial, and industrial business needs physical security. Physical security can be used to protect any business from potential threats, whether it is for special events or the day-to-day. Although physical security comes in many forms, we will highlight the importance and value of security guards throughout this article.

The Fundamental Duties of Physical Security Guards

Reporting, Observing and Deterring A well-trained security officer will be skilled at reporting and observing. They are capable of monitoring their residential, commercial, and industrial clients to ensure security. These security guards will decide when to use a higher alertness level and, if necessary, evacuate the area. Although the primary duties of security guards are to report and observe, they also need to be able to problem-solve and make decisions. Security guards are able to assess the situation and decide the best course of action in order to prevent or minimize merchandise loss, property damage and/or danger. A security guard can quickly solve problems and make good decisions to protect property and report any incidents.

Attention To Detail

Your security guard should be observing and reporting on incidents and deterring or preventing merchandise theft, property damage and/or danger from being falling people inside an establishment. Next, they will need to pay attention to details. Your establishment’s safety can be improved by paying attention to the smallest details. In emergency situations, physical security guards can provide an extra human dimension to your security. This extra attention can save you time, money, and even your life.

Communication Skill

Communication is essential for all jobs, but security guards are dependent on it. A lot of physical security guards have excellent communication skills and can even provide employee or customer service elements for your establishment. Communication is an essential part of any security guard’s arsenal. This includes guiding customers or employees to their cars. You can’t program communication skills into your non-human security. This is why a security guard may be the perfect addition to your security team.


A security guard is a human element that makes them stand out from other security measures. Security guards are not limited in their skills. They have many diverse abilities that will make them an excellent investment for your business.

Basics of Physical Security

Although physical security is beneficial to many businesses, there is no one-size-fits all security officer for every establishment. Let’s look at the three levels that you can choose from to help you decide which level of physical security is best for you.

Armed Security

Security guards with arms are often the most highly trained and certified. They are equipped with a baton, handcuffs and flashlight, a baton, mace, mace, handcuffs, flashlight, two way radios or cell phones, as well as TASER (optional). This guard is most prepared for an emergency and serves as a deterrent against crime in high-risk areas. If your establishment requires a high level of security, an armed security guard may be the right choice.


These security guards, as the name suggests, are semi-armed and do not carry a firearm. These security guards have the same training and experience as fully-armed security guards. They are usually equipped with a baton and handcuffs, flashlights, flashlights, two-way radios or mobile phones, and optionally a TASER. A semi-armed security officer can provide security blankets for any establishment regardless of the potential danger level.


Unarmed security guards can be fully uniformed, trained, and equipped with handcuffs and cell phones. This equipment is ideal for dealing with security concerns in any establishment. Semi-armed and armed security personnel may have more gear, but unarmed security guards can be trained and experienced to report any incidents on your property. They can assist you in avoiding potential emergencies and addressing any crises that may arise.

What to Look for When Choosing Physical Security

It can be overwhelming to determine your business’s security needs because there are so many factors to consider. Instead of focusing your efforts on one security guard, focus your efforts towards finding a trusted and respected security company that provides extensive training and experiences for all their security guards. This company can guarantee that the security guards they provide will meet your needs. Find a company that will meet or exceed your security needs. You’ll be able to feel more relaxed and at ease with a security guard. This is a worthwhile investment.

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security company, security provider, security company SAS security guard