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The SAS Security Guard division operates throughout the Western Cape in various branches.

The SAS Group creates a powerful driving force behind the development of our security industry, constantly anticipating the future changing client needs in a highly competitive business climate.

Building on our success with an impressive number of blue chip clients, we plan to extend our market leadership in the rapidly evolving international security industry.

This requires a talented, competent and totally committed workforce, which we are proud to say we have.

We firmly believe that our many years of experience in this industry has equipped us to be one step ahead of possible criminal activity and this results in major savings for our clients.

Working with guards on a construction site is a daunting task. It is hard to know how to deal with belligerent individuals and what the best practices are for this type of job.

In this article, we will explore the best practices for working with security guards on a construction site.

The first thing you should do when dealing with belligerent individuals is to establish your authority. This can be done by telling them that you are in charge or that they should leave the premises immediately. You can also tell them that they have been trespassing and have broken the law by being there in the first place.

If these methods don’t work, it may be time to call for backup from other security personnel or the police if necessary.